Caribbean Spice Belize

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  • 5 Pepper Spice Blend


    This is for the hot pepper lover, the perfect BBQ spice rub.

  • Belizean Barbeque Blend Spice Mix


    A perfect blend of recado, garlic, peppers, onions and other spices make this seasoning bring all the flavors of Belize to your BBQ grill.

    100% Preservative Free

  • Caribbean Bitters


    Soak in any alcohol of your choice for a week before taking.  Take a shot daily or take as needed. Each bag has 2 cups.

  • Caribbean Coffee Spice Blend


    For an earthy taste of the Caribbean Islands in every cup.

  • Caribbean Fajita Seasoning


    This Spice blend will add the perfect Caribbean taste to your fajitas. Made with dried Mexican oregano, wild Mayan sage, recado, fresh Guatemalan cumin and a […]

  • Caribbean Habanero Rub


    This spice rub has all the flavors of the Caribbean.

  • Coconut Seafood Blend


    Use this fresh dried coconut blend to spice up any shrimp, lobster, fish or chicken dish. Great for soups and other Caribbean dishes. No Preservatives and […]

  • Cuban Spice Blend


    This spice blend captures the flare of real Cuban cuisine with dried wild

  • Habanero Lovers Sauce & Marinade


    Made with habaneros 4 ways. Fresh, Fire Roasted, Dried and Macerated.

  • Habanero Sea Salt


    Fine Caribbean Sea Salt mixed the fresh dried

  • Island Blend


    A true island experience in a bottle, as fresh and light as the ocean breeze.

  • Jamaican Jerk Seasoning


    Let this seasoning take your tastebuds off to a journey to the island of Jamaica.

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